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Gathering of saffron brand 1 ounce saffron
Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, the gathering of saffron brand since 1880 is the worlds best
100{4b50d4c9aeac3b329d77a99ff5c215f3e598088d8be821c40cbb82b5c08fa89e} category i pure saffron, no additives or preservatives

Gathering of saffron logo 1 ounce saffron
Do not be fooled through affordable imitations, the collection of saffron logo since 1880 is the worlds highest
one hundred{4b50d4c9aeac3b329d77a99ff5c215f3e598088d8be821c40cbb82b5c08fa89e} class i pure saffron, no components or preservatives
Fabricated from Spain

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